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Did you know that only adult female flies are pesky? The males do nothing annoying, they just sip nectar and reproduce.

And of the 1550+ species of true flies (order Diptera), only about 40 species “bug” us humans at all!

Insect Order: Diptera

The Hoopoe reminds me of a woodpecker who uses his bill to dig.

Hoopoe Bird Digging

Strange deer from China with cloven hooves like cow feet!

Pere David Deer

Periodic Cicada Video

My favorite animal of all time is the Rufous Sengi! How can anyone not be tickled by that long flexible snout and those huge black eyes?

This is just one type of elephant shrew
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Rufous Sengi

Snow Fleas are not fleas at all but useful tiny springtails!

Find out more!
FCPS: Snow Fleas
WIRED: Snow Fleas

Snow Fleas!

Vorticella are fun to watch under the microscope!
They are like tiny rosebuds on delicate stalks, that keep contracting in quick little unpredictable spasms, springing down and traveling back. Watch the video to see what I mean!


Visit the Prevost’s squirrels in the new Rainforest Pyramid at Galveston (Texas, USA) zoo!

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What big eyes you have!
Two loose in the house!
Pete Ryan 1
Pete Ryan 2
Pete Ryan 3


Callosciurus prevostii videos

Friendly nuthatch feeds from hand and dish!

Also: Nuthatch nest cam!

Alfred the Nuthatch

The Socotra Archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has an amazing number of endemic species, found nowhere else on the planet!

Socotra Archipelago: UNESCO video

The Dwarf Mongoose

Best Dwarf Mongoose Video

Persistent Dwarf Mongoose!

Dwarf Mongoose and Baby Cobra

Foraging behavior of Dwarf Mongooses

Dwarf Mongoose Foraging

Clumsy baby Dwarf Mongoose

Baby Dwarf Mongoose

Super short: Dwarf Mongoose leaping!

Dwarf Mongoose Leaping