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Cup fungi can be black and long-stemmed!

plectania nanfeldtii black cup fungi fungus long stemmed stem

Plectania nanfeldtii on Sitka Photos

The parasitic Cytinus hypocistis plant appears as a tiny red and yellow flaming bunches beneath rockrose (Cistis) bushes in the Mediterranean, including coastal France and Corsica.

cytinus hypocistis hypocistus plant mediterranean france cosica parasite parasitic nonphotosynthetic

MORE pics — including habitat (host plant)!

The Dragon’s Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari)
can be found only on Socotra — four islands
off the horn of Africa, south of the Arabian Peninsula,
in the Indian Ocean.

dracaena cinnabari dragons blood tree socotra endemic crazy unique arid umbrella roots

Photo by Rod Waddington on Flickr

The six species of Sun Squirrels (Heliosciurus spp.) live only in sub-Saharan Africa.

heliosciurus sun squirrel africa trees animals fauna small genus

More pics
Gambian Sun Squirrel

Dwarf Mongooses can be so BROWN!

brown dwarf mongoose helogale parvula group

Dwarf Mongooses can be so RED!

red dwarf mongoose helogale parvula arkive