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The acorn weevil is native to the west coast of North America and is considered to be a pest to several types of oak tree there. This species of snout beetle lays eggs inside acorns which hatch out to produce larvae that consume the kernel inside the acorn, often causing considerable damage to the annual crop which other animals depend upon. Still, ya gotta admit the little guy is pretty cool looking:

Curculio occidentis acorn weevil north america bug pest acorns deformed california washington state

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The Kellet’s Whelk, Kelletia kelletii, is a type of sea snail that is common to the middle and southern coast of California, on down to Baja California. This seemingly harmless shelled creature is both a predator and a scavenger, and it has quite a strange feeding apparatus: a long proboscis twice the length of its shell can dangle down to reach its prey that may be hiding in a rock crevice or on the sea floor. It uses a handy rasp to scrape off tissue, and sucks it up into its shell for digestion. Each whelk has only one of these feeding tubes, and you’d be amazed how many creatures have some type of proboscis!

Kelletia kelletii kellets whelk proboscis feeding rasping sucking shells california

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The Wrinkle Face Bat (Centurio senex) might just be the ugliest mammal alive! Click the links below the video to see some close-ups of that face!

Bat’s Wrinkly Face Improves Sonar
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Wrinkle Face Bat