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Who doesn’t see this tree and think: AFRICA? Do you picture lions lazing about beneath its shady boughs?
What used to be called Acacia tortilis has recently been updated to Vachellia tortilis, the Acacia genus being split into more genetically appropriate divisions.
No matter, the Umbrella Thorn Acacia Tree will always be a symbol of the African savannah.

africa african tree umbrella thorn acacia tortilis vachellia classic picturesque savannah

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The thorns of acacias can grow so large that people use them to make dolls!
How crazy is that?! Awesomely creative! 😀

acacia thorns doll toys natural products seeds fun stuff diy

Acacia Trees
Acacia Trees and Shrubs

Acacia trees in Australia tend NOT to have thorns, while acacias everywhere else in the world usually DO have thorns!

acacia thorns leaves senegalia tree closeup branch spikey