Rope from Yucca

This whole family is learning a valuable survival skill, and you can, too!

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Yucca plants are known for their strong leaves with their often sharp tips. Some native peoples used the tips as needles, and many used the tough fibers inside the leaves to make rope or cordage for nets and traps.

Follow the instruction pages below — or the video below the links — and try your own hand at using natural fibers to make rope.

Making Cordage Out of Yucca Leaves
Make Rope Out of Dead Plants


What other plants can be used to make rope?
Some other suggestions:
cattails, bulrushes, and sedges
milkweed and dogbane
basswood and cedar trees (inner bark)

Educate yourself!
While outdoors in field or forest, crack open the stem of a plant and roll your finger back and forth across the inside of the stem to test its fibers. Do they break easily? Can you separate individual strands? Is this plant a possible candidate for making natural cordage?