My Evening Primrose

I feel very blessed to have a personal knowledge of this lowly little plant. It was one of the first wildflowers I got to know when I moved here to Texas, and it shows up in abundance in both my front and back yards, year after year. It has become a welcomed friend.

This low-growing, pale yellow wildflower — Stemless Evening Primrose — Oenothera triloba — also has a sister, the Texas buttercup or Showy Primrose — Oenothera speciosa — that is about the same size, only pink. That species grows in even greater abundance, lining the highways where I live. Still, I have a special place in my heart for the little yellow friends in my yard. This year, they bloomed in my yard FIRST before I saw them anywhere else, and now that they are blooming elsewhere, they are in my yard the MOST. I really think the Creator knows how much I appreciate them, and is almost “showing off” for me…! Heehee! 😀

oenothera triloba stemless evening primrose pale yellow wildflower dandelion-like leaves rosette

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