Dwarf Mongoose (Helogale parvula)

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This little guy in the Mongoose Family (Herpestidae) lives in eastern and southern Africa.

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He is the smallest carnivore on the continent! Like us (most of us, that is!) he does all his busy work during the day, and sleeps at night. Scientists call this diurnal.

You won’t believe this, but dwarf mongooses form little parties with hornbills — brightly colored birds with oddly distorted upper bills. They eat together, and they help each other keep an eye out for danger (predators!).

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Just one species of hornbill.

Since they belong to the order of Carnivores, you can bet dwarf mongooses eat a lot of other creatures! But perhaps you may be slightly surprised that they mainly eat insects and spiders, along with some tiny reptiles, birds, eggs, and rodents. Or maybe you’re even MORE surprised to learn that they eat a little berries every now and then as well. Or have you learned enough about nature by now to know that most “carnivores” supplement their “meat-eating” diet with a little fresh veggies and fruits?


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