CHEEK Scent Marking?

I have been able to find very little on this so far, other than various references to our friendly household felines rubbing their faces on us. According to most sources, this is a sign of acceptance — our kitty is “marking” us with its scent, claiming us as part of their collective. But did you know that other animals such as Dwarf Mongooses and Flying Squirrels have cheek glands that they use for marking as well?


cat family pet nuzzle acceptance behavior cheek glands

Do a little exploration on your own. See if you can find out what type of glands these are, and what types of animals use them. Do they have any uses other than scent marking?

If you dig up something interesting, please leave some information and/or links in the Comments section below. Educate us! 🙂


leopard rub branch scent marking cheek glands research prompt